I really love the new video!

tape five electro swing time machine

Here some impressions from inventing our time machine in 1924 to switch between now and then to dig out some great vibes and meet wonderful dancer named Yazz from Prague Burlesque.
Step into my Time Machine! Watch video:

Whats cooking in November…

tape five electro swing soiree deluxe

composing, recording and arranging of the next album… and we are just preparing a new video clip – Step into our time machine!

Production of album 7 going on!

tape five, electro swing, tonight Josephine

Dimitrij Markitantov on saxophone and clarinet, Martin Strathausen on the red carpet in Baden-Baden (Germany) and Henrik Wager after consuming too many Dixie Biscuits – plus some more we will show you next time…

Recording album seven…

tape five electro swing

Working with open end. While a live recording can be made in 90 minutes – a studio album might take years. What else can I say?

working on album VII…

tape five electro swing bad boy goodman soiree deluxe

Cheers folks! Great production time in the new studio started… good vibes – nice to be here!

New TAPE FIVE headquarter!

tape five electro swing tonight Josephine

finally TAPE FIVE studio and office (and of course the dangerous kitchen) was moved to a big, very nice house in a chilled area. Looking forward for some new production work… “an arrangement of notes – that would never be played again!”

New single on January 12th, 2018!

tape five circus maximus electroswing

„Circus Maximus“ is the title of the fifth TAPE FIVE album from 2015 – and we always wanted to do another version of the title song. Or to be honest: this is the version we should have done right from the start!…

Working on…

tape five electroswing badboygoodman

…a remix that will be released in January! Thanks 2017 by the way!
Then TAPE FIVE is movin house and studio – oh happy day!


badboygoodman tape five dwts

Our song “Bad Boy Goodman” on US TV, played by their own big band! in Monday night’s Ep. 2508 of Dancing With The Stars, Season 25, 8pm on ABC; Ep. 2508 (airdate: 11/6/17) 1. “Bad Boy Good Man” (Terrell & Cheryl Charleston)

TAPE FIVE live in Dubai!

tape five electro swing Dubai

…playing the first time in Dubai (private party) in November! That was one of the spots missing on our tour list …