New Single on July 16th!

tape five, a lazy summer day,

It was one of those days… too hot to do anything except chilling and feeling embraced by the warm breeze carrying the sweet smells of summer. Stop the worrying and feel your frown melt into the moment of just being there…with that special somebody sharing it all with you. Well…every perfect scene needs a perfect song… ”A Lazy Summer Day”.
This familiar slow r&b style, that our producer already played back in the early 80s in his roof top rehearsal room seems to be making a worthy come back – and it fits perfectly into TAPE FIVE’s tasty catalogue of vintage vibes and retro re-creation. And by the way… we are also experts in the art of laziness!
So join our international co-conspirators Henrik Wager (English) – Dionne Wudu (African) – Martin Strathausen (German) in this little prayer to laziness. Trust us – we had enough time to practise…
Cheers and keep the good vibes vibrating…

New Single in July!

tape five

*** We are just recording a groovy/chilled summer track with Dionne Wudu…something different this time… but we are known for that, I dont mind ***

New EP „Vintage FM“ on April 23!

tape five, vintage fm,

New songs under the motto “Vintage FM”: For me that’s the old Tube radio that I used to have on the attic as a child. In wooden tones, with a beige covering, golden decorative strips and this wonderful green “porthole”, which somehow reacted to the tuning of the transmitter. The sound was very warm and full, sometimes crackling, but it didn’t matter, that rounded off the picture. And also the cities of the world on the frequency dial – inspiring: Hilversum, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, London … To be connected to this diffuse fantasy image over the airwaves with distant places, it was fitting to switch to the AM band if you wanted to be really experimental, where, when turning the large frequency control, noises appeared that could have come from outer space or past epochs. Bubbling, rustling, scratching, muffled voices speaking in tongues. Not to forget the euphoric sound of the then current songs! Which brings us back to the topic…(details soon)

New release in April 2021!

tapefive, tape five, electroswing,

After recording & working all that lazy & crazy lockdown times, a new EP with some positive vibes as usual will be released in April. Details soon. Hoping for a nice & sunny spring! Cheers & stay safe…

Cheers 2021!

tape five electroswing

may there be better times for the world. And by the way, we’re still busy, after the single release in December 2020 there will be a new EP in spring coming soon. Stay safe folks!

New Single -New Video – out now:

tape five electroswing

“Get down to Luna Park – The Shuffle Mixes”. Some food for (safe 😉 ) years end celebrations or just shuffle dancing… Find the music for example at Spotify, the video at Youtube. Cheers and stay safe!

New single on December 04, 2020!

tapefive electroswing

Bad times, but we are busy. Two new mixes plus a video go out in December. More material available, but we prefer to release it when the storm is over…stay safe!

New dance video from Tokyo…

tapefive electroswing

Check out how the delightful dames from tantalising Tokyo called “Jazfume” danced to our song “Party like its 1929″ ( from the album “The Roaring 2020s”). Thanks Ladies…and upload some more of your magical moves. Always at your swinging service….Tape Five

Summer of “the roaring 2020…”

tape five

relaxed working on the next release…what else can be done at the moment…?! Not the worst idea.

New studio, new tools, new vibes…

tapefive electroswing

…working on a EP for autumn release…Cheers & stay safe!