Fan Comments

“…our team is doing a flapper-style tap routine to "Party like it's 1929"… your songs are a favorite of our (dance) studio owner, I know it has inspired some really great routines here and I'm sure it inspires many more people as well. (Tiffany, from Ohio)

You guys randomly came on my Spotify an hour ago, you've turned a pretty mundane day at work into a fabulous time! Thanks so much for your music. I'm looking forward to listening through it all X. (Charlotte/England)

Hey, gotta say I am diggin your sound. The Electro Swing is all over Europe. I did nothing but listen to electro swing while working in Wiesbaden Germany. (Eddie /Florida)

I came across the electroswing genre by accident, and am really electrified by the swing this music brings with it... I usually listen to it in my office in the late afternoon...Your swing motivates my reserves for the past few working hours. (Bernd, Germany)

"I have only recently discovered TAPE FIVE... now I am hooked!
If you are not coming to Sydney - Sydney is coming to you... I'll find ya". (BJ, Australia)

"I'm a HUGE fan!! Your music takes me to a world I like to spend a lot of time in. Lots of love from New York! " (Syama, New York)

"I actually loved this new Tape Five disc. 18 tracks that give free rein to sonorities impregnated with current beats intertwined with the sound of the seminal Swing. I was delighted with the vocal records of the ladies who take the microphone, sublime, in the best style of the golden age of the genre". (Henry, Venezuela)

"The vintage figure of electro swing and cocktail dancefloor jazz is back with a totally catchy long player once again!" (Yiannis, Greece)

"Please come to California! We need a big dose of you!" (Jennifer, Cali.)

"When will TAPE FIVE be back in Brazil? I miss you Very Much." (Alexandre, Brazil)

"...Music had lost it's enjoyment factor, then I found TAPE FIVE, wow!!! Very rarely do I like all the tracks of a band or artist (Hendrix is the exception) however you hit the spot every time with your eclectic mix of styles and wonderful talented musicians...
I hope one day TAPE FIVE will visit down under and play in Sydney! Keep up the great work, we love it!"
(John, Australia)

"I must say absolutely spectacular!  I have taught dance for 49 fun years… a few months ago a lady dance student brought your music to our grand ball. I could teach them all 172 couples swing, jive, lindy!" (Jim, USA)

"Hi there! I just want to tell you that I love you music, it is awesome, all your songs are masterpieces. Your retro-style is the medicine we need to satisfy our vintage craves." (from Costa Rica)

"You have put together one of the most refreshing takes on music. Very smart and fun. Thanks for letting me find you and looking forward to more!" (Boston, USA)

"If anyone should ever ask "What does the perfect dirty martini taste like?" I'll just tell them to shut up and listen! Thank you for your gift!" (from Houston, Texas)

"For the love of God and all that's holy, PLEASE tour the US!" (from Jason, USA)

" We discovered you through spotify and have not stopped listening since. Saturday morning is dance off to Tape Five with the kids (only 2 &1). Trying to educate them on good music at a young age!" (from Ireland)

"I am writing an historical fiction novel set in the 1920's and the music of TAPEFIVE has been an inspiration to me and has kept me in the mood of the time as I write. Even though it is modern music it has the feel and the fun of music in the 1920's…" (from Marvin, USA)

"Hey! I really love what you do. Your music inspires me a lot!! I'm an artist and I've been recently into vintage cartoon. When I don't know what to draw, you always help me... Greetings from Colombia, South America "

"I started listening to you guys a few months ago when I was in London, and you guys have brought back swing!!! Now I'm always dancing around my apartment! Please please come to Boston/New York - I'll be here waiting patiently!!!"

"Thanks a lot for real Summertime in cloudy winter" (from Moscow)

"Thanks a lot for the show February, 13 in Moscow! It seems to be the best concert I've ever visited! Already waiting for the next time!" (from Moscow, Russia)

"We love your albums Swing Patrol and Tonight Josephine and play them all the time. There are a lot of electro swing albums around but you are the best of the lot! Keep playing and recording - and touring." (from Jeremy & Sue, London)

"Hi guys! I love your music! Why don't you plan a show in Southern Italy soon?" (from Italy)

"YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I'm absolutely HAPPY to discover you! Fresh air in our talentless time. Listening your two last albums. This is THE MUSIC! And SWING! Thank you!" (from Novosibirsk)"

"...bought my first CD of yours this week off Amazon and am now playing Tonight Josephine.... It is absolutely brilliant and will spread your love to as many people who will listen so that i can bring a smile to their faces as well!
Thank you!" (from England)

"We've been long lasting fans of Tape Five even before Bart&Baker was invented. Few bands in the electroswing community succeed in crafting great songs, bring vocal talents in the studio and keep an excellent production level in their releases. Tape Five is that band!" ( Bart & Baker, Paris)

"I am a young director and trumpet player graduated from the conservatory. I must compliment you on your music because it's really full of groove, lively, dancing but at the same time delicate and pleasant." (Turin, Italy)

"If you're not sure about Electro-swing this band will convert you, they really do have all the right ingredients to make a party 'swing'" (from London)

"eternal love for tape five, the real artists of the 21th love with "swing patrol"! I have it n hear it every day" (from Japan)

"…You´re home is in the galaxy, because your music touches people's hearts... beautiful day, Dimitar" (from Bulgaria)

"GET hot get hot! Since I´ve heard of you guys I´ve absolutely redefined my taste in music.... Amazing, need I say more? " (from USA)

"You guys are the cat's meow! IKeep layin' down your crazy beats!" (from USA)

"I just discovered you guys and I'm so glad I did. Awesome music" (from Saint Louis)

"Hi there! I love the jive of your music. Especially the horn work on so many of your tracks… " (from USA)

"... I was at a party which included Tape Five concert and for me it was a destiny I think! Your music is a miracle!! I'm so in love with your music since that evening! thank you for your art, it's amazing! (from Russia)

"...think about it, using your music as the representation of several genres and sub genres for the rest of the upcoming humanity; and that's how good your music is..." (from Mexico)

"We believe Tape Five is one of the most promising European artists ... their talent, work and fabulous music inspires us all" (from Portugal)

"I love your music! Absolutely amazing! Long life to electroswing!" (from Barcelona)

"come to London sometime soon
you'd sell out @ the Albert Hall,
love your music" (from UK)

"I thank you for making the music THIS great 🙂 ♥" (from Budapest)

"superstars of swing! big love guys , dont stop the mission :)" (on Youtube)

"I love the songs from Henry Mancini and of course Lujon. This inspiration is perfectly transformed into your title: Cancun. Definitely one of the best songs and arrangements I have ever heard!" (on Youtube)

"I love you guys! So many great songs on Tonight Josephine! I've been spinning your tracks up here in the beautiful bay area pretty consistently lately!" (from USA)

"I am a big fan of yours...Tape Five is brilliant and inspiring. I am currently studying in music college called Berklee in Boston USA..."

"This music is like cocaine for my ears. I just want more and more..." (on youtube)

"We live in the UK, my wife and I are big fans of yours –Tonight Josephine is played almost every day….Thank you for all your music – makes you feel good every time!"

"There are not many bands out there doing this kind of stuff. All other sound like typical bad remixes with looping fill-ins which just sound tiresome. Your music lives and changes." (from Finland)

"You make my life soundtrack very tasty thanks for your über flavor :D" (from Brazil)

"Peace Patrol, what a fabulous song. It made me want to be a majorette in a parade. I'll be happy to join the Peace Patrol! Playing it on Jazz On The Rocks" (from British Columbia)

"Tape Five. Come on guys, bring back the big band swing. I know you can do it single-handedly!" (from England)

"Thank you for your music Tape Five!!! I'm a dancer and choreographer in Sydney, Australia and i'm always looking to see what you guys are doing. Tonight Josephine has really inspired me. Thank you!"