Song from the new album performed at Jazzfest Gronau!

This is the video to “Undressed to Kill” from the recent album “SOIREE DELUXE”, performed at the famous Jazzfestival in Gronau, Germany. Have a look:
Undressed to kill – video

New album “Soiree Deluxe”- get in!

tape five soiree deluxe electroswing retro

there we are, it took a long time of production – get in if you´re fancy, free and selected:
and elsewhere… or of course your local dealer!

New album preview snippets available!

tape five soiree deluxe electroswing swing jazz

Hear some snippet previews of the new album “SOIREE DELUXE”
on Soundcloud or Youtube? (album release April 28th) Links:

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New album “Soiree Deluxe” – April 28th! *****

tape five new album soiree deluxe electroswing swing retro

New album ready as CD or download in the shops in April. Welcome to SOIREE DELUXE! You’ll get in if you´re fancy, free and selected. Be curious!

New album in April 2017! ***

tape five, batboy goodman, tonight josephine, electroswing, soiree deluxe

…happy to finalize the working period of the last almost 2 years now – and releasing the sixth TAPE FIVE album in April! swinging stuff on it, the usual suspects, some chilled, some experiments and yes, even a track in german language!

New playlist on Spotify if you like…

tape five electroswing spotify jazz swing

…some chilled slow moody jazzy tunes from the past for quiet (winter) evenings!
Check out at Spotify

TAPE FIVE – The pioneer of Electroswing

tape five, electroswing, bad boy goodman, swing, tonight josephine.

Yes! When in 2008 most people were sleeping we invented swing on a steady 4 beat with composed swinging and live played horn sections in it. My working title of that style was “Charleston House”. In 2010 the tracks, for example “Bad Boy Goodman”, “Dixie Biscuit” or “Madame Coquette” were released on our album “Tonight Josephine”. Those were the days. Later thousands of “sample DJs” discovered this genre and called it “Electroswing”…

Let it snow – working on the next album…

tape five, electroswing, swing, jazz

Winter is a fine time for production work! Closed in the studio and deep down in edits… see you in spring!

*** Epilogue to the album Circus Maximus ***

tape five circus maximus electroswing world music retro vintage

“Of course the title had nothing to do with a “circus” itself as you will have imagined.
It´s about the world, the big circus – the crazy things that happen…
Of course we know “bread and games” since the days of the Romans.
But when I selected the title in late 2014 – I could not even guess what a real circus it soon would become, also here in Germany.
Hoping history is NOT repeating and there will be a way out…”

TAPE FIVE at Spotify – thanks for 20k followers!

tape five spotify electroswing

If you´re not yet one of the 20.000, you may find TAPE FIVE at world’s famous streaming company Spotify! …and thanks for listening!