Working on…

tape five electroswing badboygoodman

…a remix that will be released in January! Thanks 2017 by the way!
Then TAPE FIVE is movin house and studio – oh happy day!


badboygoodman tape five dwts

Our song “Bad Boy Goodman” on US TV, played by their own big band! in Monday night’s Ep. 2508 of Dancing With The Stars, Season 25, 8pm on ABC; Ep. 2508 (airdate: 11/6/17) 1. “Bad Boy Good Man” (Terrell & Cheryl Charleston)

TAPE FIVE live in Dubai!

tape five electro swing Dubai

…playing the first time in Dubai (private party) in November! That was one of the spots missing on our tour list …

live in the Porsche tools factory…

tape five Porsche electroswing

in Schwarzenberg, Germany. Photos by Christoph Weigel… a nice event!

TAPE FIVE live in Mantua, Italy!

tape five electro swing soiree deluxe

Ciao! Looking forward for bella Italia… join the “Eatmantua” Festival in Mantua in early September!

Thanks Spotify for 160.000 monthly listeners…!

tape five Spotify electroswing

Good thing! And of course thanks to the audience! You may check the link to this streaming site, too…if you like… TAPE FIVE at Spotify

Join us at Instagram…if you want!

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Some insights and funny pics…only at Instagram: TAPE FIVE at Instagram

TAPE FIVE in Italy *

tape five iyezine electroswing italia

Here the link to an italian review of the new album “SOIREE DELUXE” at iyezine and of course we are live in Mantua, Italy on September 2nd at the “Eatmantua” festival. Va been & Ciao!

Song from the new album performed at Jazzfest Gronau!

This is the video to “Undressed to Kill” from the recent album “SOIREE DELUXE”, performed at the famous Jazzfestival in Gronau, Germany. Have a look:
Undressed to kill – video

New album “Soiree Deluxe”- get in!

tape five soiree deluxe electroswing retro

there we are, it took a long time of production – get in if you´re fancy, free and selected:
and elsewhere… or of course your local dealer!