Hello Tokyo!

良い一日!This link for our japanese listeners: Amazon Japan さようなら

TAPE FIVE is busy working on new material…

“While the world is getting crazy,
minding your own business seems the best buddhistic strategy”
TAPE FIVE is concentrating on new material…

“A Cool Cat in Town” on TV in USA!

TAPE FIVE at “dancing with the stars”, on TV in USA!
our song “A Cool Cat in Town” performed by Nick Carter & Sharma from the Backstreet boys on ABC TV, November 9th, 8p.m.! (play at Youtube)

live band in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, 25.09.2015

TAPE FIVE im Sextett mit zwei Sängern in neu gestylter Event Gastronomie in Wolfenbüttel!   Tickets:  http://www.komm-kultur.de/musik/

TAPE FIVE live band in Switzerland!

Servus, Müslitassen wieder aufgestellt und Ricola eingeworfen! Schwiz wir kommen, Grüezi!

Jazztage Lichtensteig, 08. & 09.08.2015. Wer hats erfunden? http://www.jazztagelichtensteig.ch

TAPE FIVE live in Albania!

As Tape Five was born from a hippie spirit, I´m very proud that the live band plays here in the Presidential Palace/Albania and of course worldwide as music ambassadors to spread the light, love & peace message!

The retuned TAPE FIVE live band…

…featuring our xtra smart new drummer Marcel Mader, in new missions!
First time in Italy (Mercogliano Music Festival 17.07.2015) and first time in Albania (Tirana, Brigade Pallace, 22.07.2015)
and at a private party in Sochi (Russia). Cheers!   http://www.mercoglianomusicfestival.it/tape-five/

New video from the “Circus Maximus”:

Yes, I was a Punk in the 80ies! But now I´m a “SWING PUNK”! Here some electroswinged impressions to these phony-baloney two-faced brains. Song taken from the recent album “Circus Maximus”, Brenda Boykin on vocals. Good night, John Boy and thanks to Resolume/Lucidhouse!
Swing Punk video

Telegram from the “Circus Maximus” – album out now!

“Album release in Japan soon”! – stop – “New electronic press kit” – stop – “Interview at one of Germany´s biggest Radio stations WDR2 soon” – stop
Circus Maximus EPK video

New Album “Circus Maximus” release April 24th!

An expanding music venture in a global scale
For years, TAPE FIVE has expanding global record sales and millions of Spotify streams, it´s albums frequently appear in the top 40 charts of the big international online-retailers…

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