“Best of TAPE FIVE” CD coming soon!

tape five best of

As our older CD albums are out of stock now, we decided not to re-press those, but instead we have bundled our favourite and best known Swing tracks on this edition, which of course will be available for streaming, too. Coming soon! Stay tuned…

“Dubbing at the Ritz”

dubbing at the Ritz

Hi there, here is our new single that will be part of the next album. A mix of styles of swing and dub with a bit of a “lost places” flavor… release March 29th, 2024. Cheers!

New single “Truth behind your Smile”

tape five electroswing

…this new track will be released on February 16. Tired of playing only upbeat, here comes a super chilled ballad in the musical legacy of Chet Baker. TAPE FIVE plays a present version of that “cool jazz”, that once was famous with the late night clubs and the underworld of broken hearts and hopefuls … (Find it on all the usual platforms)

Hi there…

tape five, electroswing, spotify playlist

new year and just working on next material which should be there in February…by the way – already checked our new Spotify playlist „Speakeasy Electro Swing“ ? Cheers!

Do you know our Christmas tune?

tape five, white christmas

Ho ho ho , if you are in a Christmas mood – „same procedure as last year…“ we recommend our smooth and chilled version of that ole White Christmas tune… slow swinging. peace! Listen on Spotify

New Single December 1!

tape five electroswing

Here comes a new Tape Five classic electroswing song. Staying true to our beginnings: Party ballroom atmosphere – dancing sax and clarinet lines weaving around percussive horns and thundering drum rolls. Modern cool without the plastic. Our mission – Old school production values, made to last and with lots of sonic gems to discover. Lose yourself in this ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Swing’. Release December 1 on all platforms!

New single early December!

tape five martin strathausen

Hi there…just working for a while here in the mix/master chamber of the TAPE FIVE studio on the last edits of the new single which finally should be available on all platforms in some weeks…cheers!

TAPE FIVE in Dolby Atmos!

tape five

Release September 01 on Apple Music – “This is a Dolby Atmos version of our successful Electro-Swing song “Bad Boy Good Man” – of which we just did a 2023 remix of our own. TAPE FIVE has always been interested in fully exploiting the sonic stage of a recording… this is our first endeavour into this new sonic dimension (Dolby Atmos mix by Jakob Himmelein from the famous Peppermint Park Studio in Hanover, Germany). Let’s see how it will evolve in the future.”

New Summer Single – July 14!

tape five once upon a summer night

This is a pop remix of our TAPE FIVE feat. Mica Dulce album track from 2019. I really like the special, fairy tale/opera vibes of Romanian singer Mica Dulce, so I gave our song a 2nd try with this new arrange… out now! Listen on Spotify

new single May 19, 2023!

bad boy good man rmx

“Bad Boy Good Man” gained around 50 million streams (at Spotify and Pandora). Now in 2023, 14 years after creating that song, we thought it’s time for a facelifted version. Soon available on all platforms…