New EP „Vintage FM“ on April 23!

tape five, vintage fm,

New songs under the motto “Vintage FM”: For me that’s the old Tube radio that I used to have on the attic as a child. In wooden tones, with a beige covering, golden decorative strips and this wonderful green “porthole”, which somehow reacted to the tuning of the transmitter. The sound was very warm and full, sometimes crackling, but it didn’t matter, that rounded off the picture. And also the cities of the world on the frequency dial – inspiring: Hilversum, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, London … To be connected to this diffuse fantasy image over the airwaves with distant places, it was fitting to switch to the AM band if you wanted to be really experimental, where, when turning the large frequency control, noises appeared that could have come from outer space or past epochs. Bubbling, rustling, scratching, muffled voices speaking in tongues. Not to forget the euphoric sound of the then current songs! Which brings us back to the topic…(details soon)