*** Bossa for a Coup -reloaded *** Album release date March 14th, 2014!

***The album “Bossa for a Coup”  available again as “RELOADED” version plus bonus tracks…March 14th***
The mellow album from 2007 with some fine chilled Bossa and tracks like Cancun or Soulsalicious is sold out at the moment…The idea was to refresh it a bit (new mastered/new mixed) and add some mixes like the radio edit of “Love on a Rainy Day”, the Bossa for a Coup remix and the brandnew version of “Taxi to Bombay” with the Bollywood flute player Dinesh Mishra. His spirit on his “wind instruments” brought tears to my eyes…
Taxi, please!

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***** News Gazette: TAPE FIVE now at Twitter! join us: twitter.com/TapeFive *****

Dear Audience,  in connection with creating a Spotify VIP account I found Twitter – and its not too bad 😉  but decide yourself….

Geraldines Remixes – new release!

Release Date : CD 27th of September 2013, Download: 6th of September 2013

Kicking remixes from sunny southern Europe (Italy, France and Spain)
– and TAPE FIVE itself with some Electro swing, Dub step, Club and Deep house flavour that you would not expect from this brand!

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The SWING PATROL´s in town

TAPE FIVE octet live at the 7th Seoul Jazz Festival, 2013, Korea South!

“If you don´t dance – no romance”
The song “Bad Boy Good Man” from the album “Tonight Josephine!”
What a wonderful audience – many thanks to the organizer PrivateCurve!

Also check the studio version of Bad Boy Good Man

TAPE FIVE live in Romania!

TAPE FIVE quartet live in Bucharest, Studio Hermes on September 13th & 14th! Looking forward for our first gigs in Romania!

Fabulous Swing Kid by TAPE FIVE

Ladies & Gents, TAPE FIVE again used it´s time-machine!

This time to get in touch with the re-incarnation of Charlie Chaplin, go ahead Christopher!
The little rascals of the “X2X crew” joined for some salto-mortales and the fabulous Henrik Wager known as “Bad Boy Goodman” did some serious drop-outs!
“If you dont dance – no romance!” practise your slap-sticks.

Shot in Sybille Klemmers green box by Martin Strathausen, song taken from the classy electroswing album “SWING PATROL”, by TAPE FIVE 2012.

*** TAPE FIVE “Semi-World-Tour” 2013! ***

Martin Strathausen is sending his SWING PATROL, the multinational TAPE FIVE LIVE orchestra
“around the world”!

TAPE FIVE in different settings from sextet to octet here:
Korea: May 18th at the 7th Seoul Jazz Festival, Seoul, Korea south
Brazil: June 5th, Taubaté, June 6th Sao Paulo, Alemanha Groove Festival
Bulgaria: May 31st, Sofia Live Club

WE COME IN PEACE! “Swing tanzen erlaubt”

Even more new videos from the SWING PATROL!

We want you – join the Peace Patrol!
TAPE FIVE invites you to our peaceful patrol with a fresh crackling mix of Swing,
March and HipHop. The Big Bands from the 30ies and 40ies gave their best to entertain the allied war troops,TAPE FIVE of course has a pacifist attitude, but was inspired from that original swingin´sound and using it´s power to create a marching peace parade! Song taken from the album “Swing Patrol”

New video from the “SWING PATROL”:

This movie was shot at an event party with ABSOLUT Vodka arranged by K-MB in Jimmie’s Bar, Hotel Handelshof, Essen/Germany. Thanks to the participating bartender! Song: “Black Cotton Blues” by TAPE FIVE sung by Brenda Boykin taken from the album SWING PATROL!

New Video from SWING PATROL: “Pink Lullaby”

Get chilled with a vintage lullaby and take a look inside TAPE FIVE with their new technicolor motion picture „PINK LULLABY”, the closing track of the album SWING PATROL, good night!