CD Release Tonight Josephine!

And the film goes on!

Driving Electro-Swing action with “Oscar feeling” conversations of clarinet and trumpet inspired by Louis Armstrong, Gene Krupa, Josephine Baker and Benny Goodman.

The 3rd album from TAPE FIVE “Tonight Josephine!” is another Retro-Homage to various facets from the 20th Century bar-music.

Stop Press!
The first half of the album is deeply inspired by the Golden Twenties.
High calibre and style, like a black-and-white classic film, but coloured and varied like today’s block-busters.

Four different vocalists – Brenda Boykin, Iain Mackenzie, Henrik Wagner and Yuliet Topaz interpret new songs in the old styles.…

Like old songs with a new style – à la – “Far Far Away”. Even new styles as we call it “Charleston House” like “Bad Boy Good Man” and “Madame Coquette”. To an intoxicating “Dixie Biscuit”, a hint of the earlier “Disco Biscuit”, “Flapper Girls” (THE personification of the 1920ies style) serve a “Pousse l´Amour”, an aphrodisiac cocktail, as the amorous gentleman used to order for his lady companions!

The 2nd half of the album leads further back into the present, bringing some jazzy-relaxed sounds with London’s “fine up-and-coming jazz singer” (BBC’s) Iain Mackenzie, as “The Sky is not the Limit”!

And the remix of the 80ies Break-dance Beat “The Smurf” in a – let’s call it:
Funky Big band style. TAPE FIVE’s musical cosmos won’t fit in just one pigeon hole…

Happy Ending:
Be seduced by a hypnotic balkan-clarinet and chill-out in a tent under the stars at “Alcazar”. And we’ll serve you up a special herbal tea.

“Tonight Josephine!” – our journey takes a break there…

The multi-international project based around songwriter/producer Martin Strathausen, is put together with a few hand-picked live musicians. With record deals from America to Asia, Tape Five is now on more than 120 compilations worldwide.
(as of Dec. 2009)
Before release of this new album, tracks have already been licensed to Paris, Rome and London…