Even more new videos from the SWING PATROL!

We want you – join the Peace Patrol!
TAPE FIVE invites you to our peaceful patrol with a fresh crackling mix of Swing,
March and HipHop. The Big Bands from the 30ies and 40ies gave their best to entertain the allied war troops,TAPE FIVE of course has a pacifist attitude, but was inspired from that original swingin´sound and using it´s power to create a marching peace parade! Song taken from the album “Swing Patrol”

New video from the “SWING PATROL”:

This movie was shot at an event party with ABSOLUT Vodka arranged by K-MB in Jimmie’s Bar, Hotel Handelshof, Essen/Germany. Thanks to the participating bartender! Song: “Black Cotton Blues” by TAPE FIVE sung by Brenda Boykin taken from the album SWING PATROL!

New Video from SWING PATROL: “Pink Lullaby”

Get chilled with a vintage lullaby and take a look inside TAPE FIVE with their new technicolor motion picture „PINK LULLABY”, the closing track of the album SWING PATROL, good night!

New album “Swing Patrol” successfully released!

Release:  Download September 7th 2012,  CD September 21st 2012!


“We want you – Join the Swing Patrol!”

After international success with „Tonight Josephine“ TAPE FIVE now steps forward with some 1940’s inspired flavours!  TAPE FIVE with his pacifist attitude has always been inspired by the Great  “Big Bands” from the 30’s and 40’s who entertained the troops with their unique, powerful and cleverly arranged swingin´sounds, put him right in the mood…

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Bunga Book video!

Take a look inside the TAPE FIVE universe with their new technicolor motion picture BUNGA BOOK
***** Taken from the album SWING PATROL***** Shot at the TAPE FIVE headquarter in Essen featuring Henrik Wager (Tourist singer), Yuliet Topaz (Bunga Promo Girl), Dimitrij Markitantov, Jim Galakti (Bunga Musical Troups), and Martin Strathausen (BadBoy-Good Man)…

and NO, I dont give away the phone number of the “assistance” girl!

Digital Release Peace Patrol EP

Swing Gazette!

„We want you – to join the Peace Patrol!“
TAPE FIVE, the mother of Electro-swing with albums like „Swingfood Mood“ (2006) or „Tonight Josephine“  (2010) invites you to our peaceful patrol with a fresh crackling mix of Swing, March and Hiphop.

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Digital Release Tequila / Tintarella di Luna EP

With continuing international success of the recent “Electro-Swing” album Tonight Josephine  by TAPE FIVE, the story continues with a brand new EP with two fresh productions, ready for airplay!

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Digital Release Aerophon Maxi

News from the Gramophone!

After international success of the recent “Electro-Swing” album Tonight Josephine by TAPE FIVE the story continues with this promotional Maxi CD with fresh airplay mixes of selected titles!

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CD Release Tonight Josephine!

And the film goes on!

Driving Electro-Swing action with “Oscar feeling” conversations of clarinet and trumpet inspired by Louis Armstrong, Gene Krupa, Josephine Baker and Benny Goodman.

The 3rd album from TAPE FIVE “Tonight Josephine!” is another Retro-Homage to various facets from the 20th Century bar-music.

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CD Release Swingfood Mood 2nd edition

Trendsetter and upfront people are for sure aware of the international act TAPE FIVE and their terrific songs. They can be found on countless famous compilations such as “Café del Mar, Campari Lounge, Cigar Lounge
or Claude Challe Select”.

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